Whale watching at Bondi Beach

Between May and November humpback whales migrate from Antarctica to the the warmer waters around Queensland passing by Bondi Beach on their way.

The best month to see whales migrating at Bondi are July and September when thousands of whales are making their way up and then back down the coastline.

There are a few great spots to see whales migrate past Bondi.

Our top pick for spotting whales is at North Bondi, on top of the cliffs at Ben Buckler. There are plenty of spots where you can safely sit behind safety barriers (please don’t do anything dangerous on the clifftops - we’ve seen it end badly). At the other end of the beach at the on the Bondi to Bronte clifftop walk you can also spot whales however they tend to stay further out to see at that vantage point.

Once in position how do you actually spot a whale? If the sea is calm just scan the ocean for spouts of water as the whale comes up for air and uses its blowhole to do so. Once you’ve spotted that you will have no issue keeping track of them. During rough seas it is much trickier to spot a whale and our suggestion is to come back another day. If you insist on continuing to do some whale watching our best bet is to look out fo whale watching boats who will be tracking a whale closely.

Our top tip for anyone who is keeping an eye out for whales at Bondi. If you see a whale breech, keep watching. They will likely breech numerous times and continue to do so.

Happy whale watching.

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