Bondi Beach: The Nearest Train Station

One of the most common questions from tourists visiting Bondi Beach is where is the nearest train station. There isn't actually a train that takes you directly to Bondi Beach. There is, however, a train that will take you to Bondi Junction which is just 2 kilometres from Bondi Beach.

So, if you are in the CBD or other parts of Sydney serviced by a train and you want to get to Bondi Beach, catch the train to Bondi Junction Station. Then hop on one of the buses to Bondi Beach - they are well sign-posted so you'll have no trouble finding it. 

Just be aware that in the peak of summer getting a bus to and from Bondi Beach can be tricky - they are often very full. It might be worth just making the walk downhill to the beach or back up it to return to Bondi Junction. Alternatively, there are Ubers and taxis aplenty at Bondi Beach which you can catch.

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