How to get to Bondi Beach

Bondi is about 15 minutes from the centre of the Sydney CBD by car when it is quiet, and at least double that when thousands of visitors descend on it during a hot summer weekend day.

Compared to almost any other city in the world, however, you won’t find a better beach as close to the city centre as Bondi Beach is to Sydney. Granted hot summer weekends make public transport a bit tricky but that shouldn’t deter you!

Public Transport - Catch the train to Bondi Junction and then board a bus directly to Bondi Beach from the train/bus terminal. The 380, 381, 382, and 333 buses all run from Bondi Junction and will take about 10 minutes. You will need a pre-paid Opal Card, which you can buy from convenience stores and major stations, before boarding public transport.

Uber X - A trip to Bondi Beach from the Sydney CBD will cost about $22-$30 but could cost a lot more on a busy day.

Drive - It’s really easy to drive to Bondi Beach and there’s a lot of parking (although best to get there early as it does fill up quickly if you don’t want to have to walk 10 minutes!).