What makes Bondi Beach so special?

Bondi Beach has a famous reputation as one of the greatest beaches in the world. Everyone who visits talks about how magical the beach is. But, what make Bondi Beach so special.

There are a few reasons why the beach is considered one of the best in the world.

One of the key reasons it is so special is that it is so close to the Sydney CBD – the largest city in Australia. Just 30 minutes in the car from the very heart of the city in good traffic Bondi Beach is an inner city suburb of Sydney. 

Bondi Beach has a 1km stretch of sand that extends from the shoreline back at least 100 metres providing an extensive amount of space to cater to tens of thousands of visitors in peak season during summer.

Bondi Beach also boasts the most photographed pool in the world – Bondi Icebergs. Bondi Icebergs pool is a 50m 8 lane pool that is fed directly by seawater. The Bondi Icebers pool is not heated making it a refreshing pool for a swim in the heat of summer and a heart starter in summer. The pool is perched half way into the ocean and waves regularly crash over the wall of the Icebergs pool creating plenty of fun for swimmers.

 In addition to a great beach Bondi Beach is famous for its restaurants and bars which are among some of the best in Australia and, indeed, the world. From fine dining to casual beach side cafes Bondi Beach caters for everyone.

The weather in Sydney is temperate all year round and warm for the best part of 8 months of the year which makes this beach particularly appealing. Don’t be fooled though, Bondi is great in winter too with less crowded restaurants and bars and more of a locals feeling.

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