Surfing at Bondi

Bondi is one of Australia’s most popular surf beach where surfers can be found in the temperate water year round. Conditions are varied throughout the year but you will find both left and right breaking waves at Bondi.

Learning to surf at Bondi is an easy way to introduce yourself to the sport. Beginner surfers will find calmer conditions at North Bondi, along with a surf school which will supply all equipment and provide a 2 hour surf lesson which will teach you the basics.

Surf lessons are advised particularly if you are not accustomed to spending time in the ocean.

For experienced surfers, look towards middle and south Bondi for the best waves. You will find the best conditions when there are NE or SW winds.

There are surf shops dotted all over Bondi so if you’re looking to buy or rent equipment you will have no problem.

The most important things for any surfer is to stay out of the red and yellow flags which are designated for swimmers only. Stray in between these flags and you will quickly become acquainted with Bondi’s famous lifesavers. The local council has a surfers code at Bondi document which you can check out here.

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