Ocean Swims At Bondi Beach

The summer ocean swim race season is almost upon us so we've listed the organised ocean swims that start at Bondi Beach. Remember, whist these swims are competitive they are available for anyone who can confidently swim the distance in the open ocean water and in sometimes challenging conditions.

Bondi Beach Splash And Dash - 

There are three events that you can enter in the Bondi Splash Series.

The first, and newest addition to the event, is the Bondi Splash 1000. This is a 1km swim that is quite unique in its approach to ocean water swims. Rather than one straight swim of 1000 metres you swim out 250m, return 250m to shore and repeat. This is great for first time ocean water swimmers who have done the training but may be a little nervous about embarking on their first open water swim. 

The second event on the day is the most popular event and combines running and swimming. Participants sprint 1km along the length of Bondi Beach, swim 1km back along the beach in open water to the race start line, before embarking on the initial 1km run again. The short distances, relative to other swim and run events, make this a fast-paced breath-taking sprint event. It is a lot of fun and a great challenge. 

The Duck Dash is the final event on the day and to say it is different is an understatement. Entrants must run an inflatable duck 400m along the shore, then swim 300m whilst keeping hold of the duck. This is all done wearing flippers (including the run!).

Bondi To Bronte - 

Bondi's most famous ocean swim race. This take entrants from the shores of Bondi Beach around the cliffs to Bronte Beach. This 2.4km race (distance varies based on the tide) is a long, challenging swim that is sometimes battered with heavy swell and strong currents. If you are a strong swimmer, though, this is an event you cannot afford to miss. The perspective of Bondi that you get swimming around the cliffs is pretty incredible. 

Bondi Bluewater Challenge - 

The Bondi Bluewater Challenge offers a 2.1km or 1km swim within the bay at Bondi Beach. There is also a 4km run that non-swimmers may be interested in. This race is straightforward and the number of entrants is lower than some others meaning it is a little less frantic at the start of the race. We highly recommend this swim if the weather forecast is favourable.

North Bondi Classic - 

The North Bondi Classic swim is run by the lifeguards at North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club and has a 1km or 2km race distance. The races start in front of the North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club and is contained with the bay of Bondi Beach. This event is popular with hundreds of entrants and there is always a great atmosphere on the day.

North Bondi Roughwater Classic - 

The second race held by the North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club this race follows the same format as the North Bondi Classic swim. Another great day out for ocean water swimmers down at Bondi Beach.

South Head Roughwater -

So you think you can swim? The South Head Roughwater is a 10km open water swim from Bondi Beach to Watson's Bay. It commences at the end of summer as the colder weather begins to bite and conditions can get pretty tricky out there. If you're a very strong swimmer this is a great challenge to take. Did we mention there's a great pub -  the Watson's Bay Hotel - at the finish line.

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