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Remember the Call On Me music video? You know, the one featuring several women and a man performing aerobics in a sexually suggestive manner to the now famous Eric Prydz track. At the time it was the most risqué mainstream music video ever released.

Of course you remember it.

What you probably don’t know is that the lead in that music video, Deanne Berry, who played the aerobics instructor runs a dance and fitness class right in the heart of Bondi with classes that have as much energy and creative choreography as the film clip itself.

Everyone we know who goes to the class loves it. And they probably won’t be happy that we are letting the secret out that this is the most fun fitness class you will likely find in the area.

We asked Deanne a few questions about her DJ Bodies class and about that music video.

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Tell us a little bit about your dance and fitness class.

djBodies is a Dance conditioning class myself and business partner Jessica Powell Antonini, have personally created. Using all the knowledge we have obtained working in both the dance and Fitness industries.  In a djBodies class we share with you a taste of what it feels like to dance and perform to your favourite artists!

Each workout is themed to a different Pop Artist, so you will dance your way through the sexy sounds of Rhianna, Kylie, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Janet and Michael Jackson, JT, Madonna, Beyonce, Kanye, Usher and many more of your fave artists.

When you step into a djBodies class you will work on increasing stamina, flexibility and strength, while letting loose and leaving all your inhibitions at the door, feeling like your favourite Pop star!

Do you ever get recognised for starring in the Call On Me music video?

Being back in Oz, the general public are much more laid back! I don’t get recognised the way I did while being over in the UK but I guess now running around with two little ones you wouldn’t pick me as the sexy instructor wearing that naughty black thong leotard! Ha! 


Do any of the dance moves in the film clip feature in your class?

I quite often get requests to re-create the “Call on me moves” both in djBodies classes and for live PA’s at parties or events and I still get SO much enjoyment out of dancing / teaching and performing the sexy track! So if you happen to be planning an 80's inspired event you might like to book dj Bodies to add some “call on me” fun! 

How did you land the part in the music video?

My career started at the age of 16 living and working as a dancer / performer based in Sydney, but travelling to other states and Asia for various jobs touring with musicals and artists. Dancing for artists such as Kylie and Dani Minogue, Kanye West, Shaggy, Girls Aloud, Basement Jaxx, Neyo, Take that to name a few, I then landed a tour back up dancing for the iconic Sir Cliff Richard throughout Oz and NZ and he then offered for me to join his UK tour. After performing for a few weeks at the Royal Albert hall I had a break between concert dates so decided to join a few agencies to see if I could pick up any extra gigs. That was when I went for my first casting in London and it happened to be for a part in the 80’s inspired Ministry of Sound “Call On Me” video by Eric Prydz. I landed the job of the instructor and found myself a few days later dressed in that high cut black thong leotard, legwarms, sweatbands and not much else!

Did you have any inkling that the music video would become one of the most famous of all time?

I thought not too many people would see it so it would be fine to pelvic thrust and jump around a bit. Then the song and video became a huge hit, and it was the first time a club track had made the pop charts at number one and stayed there for 8 weeks! The video ended up in countries all over the world! And my face and butt was planted on the front of CD covers everywhere! It was pretty crazy! But I went from being a dancer, to all of a sudden being some Fitness Guru! Offers were flying in so I acted fast, took base in London, enrolled in some fitness courses and using my training knowledge as a dancer I had used my whole life, I entered the fitness industry.

My next offer was to choreograph and present Ministry of Sounds first ever Fitness DVD “Pump it up” which became one of the highest selling fitness DVD’s. I continued to make more DVD's for Ministry and also Universal Pictures.

I also took on the role as a Fitness presenter for GMTV (Britain’s Good morning TV) where I would wake up the country with various workouts. It was pretty crazy!

For first timers to your class what advice do you have for them?

My advice for first timers in a djBodies class, is to leave all your inhibitions at the door. Come in with an open mind, get ready to sweat, work hard and have loads of fun! And don’t worry, you don’t need to be a dancer to join in! I have mums and daughters doing our classes together! You don’t need any dance experience… just a love of moving to music! 

How do people book and where can they find more information?

You can book in online  The website also has some more info and contact details for any queries you might have! 

When you are not in your studio where do you like to eat and drink in Bondi?

When I'm not in the studio (MPower Pilates) working out... my fave hangout in Bondi is just down the road from the studio on Curlewis st, at The Shop & Wine Bar, the perfect place to grab a coffee and brekky after class! 

 Another fave of mine is BRU coffee in North Bondi... only small but coffee is great! 

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