The people you meet in Bondi

The Allergic - this easy to spot Bondi staple is allergic to almost everything. Gluten, lactose, meat, sugar, plastic, vaccinations. If someone, somewhere, has ever said something could be bad for you it is guaranteed to be on the banned list of The Allergic. You can identify them by their head to toe brand name sports gear and perfectly groomed hair.

The Flag Magnet - Don’t surf between the flags. Don’t surf between the flags. Don’t surf between the flags. It doesn’t matter how many times the lifeguards yell it to the Flag Magnet they will be found there. After all, why would you want to surf on the 990m of beach where there aren’t flag when you could surf on the safest, flattest, most heavily populated section of the beach.

The Binfluencer - The Bondi Influencer or the Binfluencer. They are a BIG deal in Bondi but unknown anywhere else. Can be spotted spending more time yelling at their partner to get the right selfie angle than actually talking to their partner at dinner.

The Commuter - Religiously travels to Bondi on the weekend and wants people to know they’re there. They can be identified by their obvious use of steroids, loud blaring music, and occasional tracksuit-wear on blazing hot days.

The Local - Friendly, good looking, and knows everyone who lives in Bondi. Can be identified by their overly loud greeting of every cafe owner as they strut the streets.

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