About the nine

A new addition to the Bondi scene, this restaurant is one of the clear standouts when it comes to breakfast and lunch. We asked them our questions to find out a little more about the restaurant and its team.


When did the restaurant open? 

December 2015

What is the dish that keeps locals coming back?

The Mediterranean Bowl and The Nine Tartine, two signature dishes

What's the best table to get?

The table “21” in the right corner after the doors, intimate and hidden Or one of the table outside to see and be seen.

What is your favourite activity in Bondi Beach?

Having a coffee or a drink at the neighbourhood venues (little crush on Can Cava Pintxos & Wine, Bondi's Best, Blanca, and Neighbourhood) or going for a swim/surf in Bondi! We love to spend some time at Gertrude and Alice as well, picking some new books, such a cute place! 

What's one thing that people don't know about your restaurant?THE NINE means actually a lots of things… It’s into 9 countries around the Mediterranean that we source our inspiration, but also 9 is the number of eternal love, it s also in September that the harvest happen in the North Hemisphere, when the nature blooms in the south Hemisphere. It's a very important number for us for multiple reasons. So, there is the 9 hidden somewhere in the Cafe as a lucky sign. We bet no one could find it :-)

If you were fully booked, where would you send diners?

We will politely ask them if they mind waiting first and offer a coffee if the wait is too long. This said, we love Harry’s which has a fantastic concept, and at night we love Can Cava Pintxos & Wine, Sefa and Blanca.

The Nine Breakfast Bondi