About Bondi Hardware

Bondi Hardware is always full of locals and with good reason. With a great vibe, mouth watering food, happy staff, and all the drinks. We sat down with the team from Bondi Hardware and asked them a few questions.


When did the restaurant open? 

We opened in November 2011.. celebrating over 5 years!

What is the dish that keeps locals coming back?

The Hardware Lamb Salad, w/ hummus, feta, israeli cous cous, pear, mint yoghurt.. yummm

What's the best table to get?

The one with your friends ;) We also love our communcal table...

What is your favourite activity in Bondi Beach?

Swim all day, play all night.. at Bondi Hardware

What's one thing that people don't know about your restaurant?

We do brunch as well, and its awesome!!

If you were fully booked, where would you send diners?

We'd put them on the wait list and send them to the pub for a quick drink!

Bondi Hardware Brunch